Infocus Christmas Voucher

Please don’t have us arrested for mentioning the ‘C’ word, but Christmas will arrive faster than you think.

Calling all Photographers & Video Makers:

We’ve got a date for your diaries! On Wednesday 1st October, the Photovision Roadshow will be taking place at the Ageas Bowl in Southampton and we’ll be there!

Monkey Selfie

If an animal, in this case a monkey, takes a photo following a painstakingly crafted set-up…..who owns the copyright?

Tips For Facing a Copyright Issue

What is copyright?

Under the general law of the UK, copyright regulation is in place to protect original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works.

Summer Photo Opportunities

Summer is a great time to be a photographer. The sun is shining, you’re on holiday and most days are spent exploring the great outdoors.

Cloud Storage

Losing client data is every professional photographers worst nightmare.

Photography Holidays

As many photographers know, it is important to travel around in order to get that perfect shot.

Image of the Month – Marie Warwick

As you may already know The Guild of Photographers run a monthly competition to find The Image Of The Month.  Entries are assessed and scored out of 100 by judges using an internationally reco