Travellers Warned to Keep A Weather Eye Open

The escalating economic crisis in Greece and recent terrorist attack in Tunisia has left many travellers unsure about whether or not to travel to certain destinations this summer. 

Insuring Your Camera with Infocus

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or an amateur photographer. If you love photography, your camera is likely to be the most important piece of kit you own.

Travelling with Insurance

With the summer almost upon us, many photographers will be packing up their kit ready to jet off on a photographic holiday.

4 Biggest Problems Facing Freelancers

Every career path has its twists and turns, however freelance photographers face a unique set of problems, and are often under greater pressure to overcome them.

The Importance of Cyber Security

‘It won’t happen to me’ is a common response from photographers about the threat that hacking poses to their business, but many don’t realise that they are particularly vulnerable to cyber crime.

Quantitativeeasing breaks Patrick’s leg?

No we are not talking about questionable money printing practices, we are talking about a horse (Quantitativeeasing) and a Photographer, Patrick McCann, who got a bit too close to the action at Che

Getting 2015 Underway

1. New equipment

Received the latest gear for Christmas or treated yourself to a new piece of kit at a trade show or in the January sales?