No we are not talking about questionable money printing practices, we are talking about a horse (Quantitativeeasing) and a Photographer, Patrick McCann, who got a bit too close to the action at Cheltenham Races.

While competing in the Cheltenham Festival, horse Quantitativeeasing was pushed through the rails sending Patrick and his camera equipment flying.

Patrick had positioned himself in front of one of the jumps in order to capture some memorable action shots and probably didn’t feel in much, if any, danger despite there being form for such accidents.

Racing Post reported this as a freak accident and also reassured readers that they ensure their photographers have Public Liability insurance…It was neither freak nor is his Public Liability insurance relevant to his broken leg.

Now the conclusion you may draw here is that Racing Post are more concerned about their Photographers being sued for injuring Race Horses, not the other way around, or Race Courses withdrawing course access, bless their cotton socks.

Our concern though rests with our Photographers clients. We believe Patrick suffered serious multiple fractures and will be out of action for some time and no one has bothered to report on the damage suffered to his expensive Professional Photography Equipment.

Infocus Insurance are used to picking up the pieces however. So what type of insurance covers would help Patrick and anyone else finding themselves in similar circumstances?

Personal Accident insurance would pay a weekly benefit until he was fit to return to work to make up any loss of income.

‘All Risks’ cover on his equipment would pay for repairs or replace anything damaged beyond repair with nice shiny new kit.

Public Liability Insurance would only protect him should anyone else (including horses) be injured as a result of his carelessness.

Assuming he had permission to be where he was, it has to be said that he had done nothing wrong on this occasion. However had he strayed away from permitted areas…and had the horse been injured by tripping on his tripod, or camera, or out stuck leg, then it is not beyond the realms of imagination that a solicitor might view this as negligence and sue.

Visiting sporting events often draws photographers to action areas. This brings with it risks and you should consider and plan for the worst, just in case you become a victim.

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