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Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Your Photography Equipment?

Introduction Homeowner’s insurance is a form of property insurance that covers your home and personal belongings against perils like fire, theft, water and accidental damage. It acts like a financial shield, protecting the investments you’ve made in your property. While it’s relatively straightforward when it comes to covering structures or standard household furniture, cover options… Read more »

Insuring Your Photography Equipment Against Theft and Damage

Introduction Whether you’re a professional photographer or a passionate amateur, your camera equipment is likely one of your most valuable possessions. This makes insuring photography equipment against theft and damage a crucial consideration. Just like any other form of insurance, photography equipment insurance provides financial cover for your prized assets – in this case, cameras,… Read more »

Tips for Insuring Your Photography Studio

Introduction A photography studio is where concepts become captivating images. But it’s not without risks. Expensive equipment can be damaged or stolen, accidents can happen with clients or staff, and disputes or unsatisfactory work could lead to lawsuits – all of which can result in significant financial losses. Protecting your business from these unexpected events… Read more »

Why Travel Photographers Need Specialized Insurance

Introduction The world of travel photography brims with exhilarating experiences and breathtaking sights. However, it also comes with its share of risks and challenges. Insurance plays a pivotal role in ensuring photographers can navigate these uncertainties with ease. Specialized insurance goes a step beyond general coverage, addressing specific needs of travel photographers. Insuring high-value business… Read more »

How to Safeguard Your Photography Business from Financial Risks

Introduction Running a photography business can be a rewarding, yet challenging endeavor. One of the significant challenges lies in navigating financial risks that could potentially cripple your business. From theft or damage to expensive camera equipment, to potential lawsuits from dissatisfied customers or copyright infringement claims, these risks can pack a hefty punch for any… Read more »

Securing Your Vision: Protecting Intellectual Property as a Professional Photographer

Introduction: As a professional photographer, your creative work is your livelihood. Protecting your intellectual property is essential to safeguard your vision, maintain control over your work, and ensure that you receive proper recognition and compensation for your artistry. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of securing your vision by protecting your intellectual… Read more »

Why does the sight of Crocuses and Daffodils put a Spring in our step?

More light, more sunshine, more colour? Nature has a way of altering our mood and non-more so than Spring for Photographers. Being able and willing to get out and about with our camera equipment brings with it more risk. Before you rush out, Infocus Insurance recommend at least short and simple risk assessments given the… Read more »

Insurance Fraud

Are we facing Theft and Fraud inflation?

No doubt about it, insurers are expecting the frequency of thefts and Frauds to increase and are also expecting the cost of those claims to increase in line with high inflation. It’s not hard to see why. And it’s not just Photographers and Videographers who need to exercise more caution than in less turbulent economic… Read more »

Christmas List

Why do Xmas Lists & Socks Never Include Insurance Policies?

Because they don’t bring Comfort & Joy……unless you need a lawyer and are insured for legal costs and damages. Both Commercial Legal Expenses and Professional Indemnity insurance are the focus of attention in this article. Failing to prepare for potential disputes that can become ‘legal disputes’ is very risky. Both these types of cover offer… Read more »

World Cup photogrphers

What must it be like to be a World Cup 2022 Photographer in Qatar?

In some respects the proximity of stadiums and climate will make life easier for the Photographer. This sort of event though remains a very competitive environment. Sports Photographers will know that Photographers working under the Getty images hat alone will produce millions of World Cup related pictures in the hope some will be good enough… Read more »

Are Photographers Insured to drive their car to Work Assignments

Driving for Business or Professional purposes can be widely described as mileage and time spent driving that is evidently business or profession related. It doesn’t necessarily need to be paid work. The most limited form of insured usage is ‘Social Domestic & Pleasure Purposes’. This is personal usage only. It does not include any trips… Read more »

My Kits Been Stolen – Crisis? what Crisis?

For professional photographers and videographers losing or damaging important items of equipment can lead to a very immediate crisis. When temporarily deprived of working tools of trade to perform contracts, which can be time critical engagements, a Photographer is facing loss or delay in income plus there is also the potential for reputational harm. This… Read more »

NEC Photo Show Reflections

NEC Photo Show Reflections

Well, the Photo Show is over for this year and will not in fact reappear in 2023. As we all know, the next one is March 2024. At first glance this seems a bold step. At second glance it seems eminently sensible for all concerned, from event organisers, exhibitors and seminar hosts to visitors. The… Read more »

Working from Home and Home Insurance

The Knotty World of Working from Home and Home Insurance

To the untrained eye, home insurance appears all-encompassing. The common thought process is that ‘surely it covers all the buildings and outbuildings and all contents within’. Unfortunately, this isn’t automatically the case when homes double up as business premises. It’s important to understand that the simple fact of not declaring business usage and business property… Read more »

Infrequent Flier Drone Insurance

Infrequent Flier Drone Insurance

Our Infocus insurance policy providing insurance cover for professional and amateur photographers and videographers has always been able to insure drone equipment when at rest and not in flight, at home or in transit. This is all year round, along with all the other selected covers within our policy. Now Infocus has selected a suitable… Read more »

Photographers and Videographers on the Health Coal Face

Photographers and Videographers are commonly outgoing characters who like to engage in person with their customers and often can’t avoid getting up close and personal with their subjects. This puts them on the frontline of human contact with their customers and exposed to the sharing of whatever bugs are flying around not limited to the… Read more »

Avoid Legal Disputes

Avoiding Legal Disputes through Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance

It is often said that prevention is better than cure. Avoiding legal disputes is so much better for our health than having to defend or pursue legal actions within the legal system. Apart from eye watering legal costs these actions are commonly accompanied by a voracious consumption of time and energy. Terms and conditions of… Read more »