To the untrained eye, home insurance appears all-encompassing. The common thought process is that ‘surely it covers all the buildings and outbuildings and all contents within’.

Unfortunately, this isn’t automatically the case when homes double up as business premises.

It’s important to understand that the simple fact of not declaring business usage and business property kept within the home, co-mingling with domestic property, could be enough for an insurer to turn down a fire or flood claim in for the entire home.

This means all your buildings and all its ‘chattels’ (everything!) are potentially uninsured, regardless of the fact you may have an apparently valid policy and have paid the premium.

This is all because the risk of something happening and resulting in a claim can be materially increased when talking about business contents and use of the premises.

Fires, thefts, injury or slip and trip risks are some, to name just a few of their concerns.

Business visitors welcomed into the home will be especially unwelcome visitors to a typical home insurer.

This is not to say there are no home insurance policies that permit co-mingling with a business – but using a home address for business purposes needs careful consideration with an expert home insurance advisor.

Infocus Insurance have discussed this very topic with selected household insurers and we’ve exclusively negotiated agreements in place to underwrite photographers and videographers who work from home.

This can be in the basic form of office studio work to designated studio rooms within your home and even outbuildings, whether attached or detached, that act as your business premises and studio.

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