The Infocus scheme underwriter is changing from 15th July 2023. Please refer to quote and policy documents for full details


  • Can I pay for my insurance policy in instalments?
    Yes. Please ask for details.
  • Is there a discount for being a member of a professional trade Association?
    Yes. We are the recommended provider of insurance to the Guild of Photographers. Discounts may also be available to members of other Associations. Please contact a member of the team for full details.
  • How do I make a claim?
    Visit our MAKE A CLAIM page. If you require any advice or urgent assistance please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the team directly.
  • What is the policy excess?
    The policy excess varies dependent on the type of claim. In the event of accidental damage, loss or theft of photographic & technical equipment the excess is £200. Please refer to your individual policy or contact our team for clarification.
  • Why should I keep Professional Indemnity cover going after I stop working (‘Run-Off’ cover)?
    Professional Indemnity is 'claims made’ in nature.  This means that cover has to be in place at the time you first become aware of a circumstance that could lead to a claim. Claims are likely to occur after the work has been completed for clients so it is important that cover is maintained in the future without a break to avoid past work becoming excluded.You should notify us of any situation which comes to light that could give rise to a claim as soon as you become aware of it.
  • What is Personal Accident cover?
    Financial protection in the event that you are unable to work following an accidental injury such as a broken arm or leg.A lump sum benefit is also payable in the event of death or loss of limb / loss of eye(s). Please refer to your policy or contact us for full details of cover available.
  • Is my equipment covered in the car?
    Yes. Please refer to the policy summary or contact us for details of any limitations
  • Is my Equipment covered abroad?
    Yes. Our policy automatically provides annual ‘worldwide’ cover for your equipment, subject to normal policy terms and conditions.You should contact our team in the event that you intend to travel to areas where the foreign office is advising against travelling. Contact us if you have any specific concerns or visit for more information
  • Am I covered for work in hazardous places, such as: underwater; aerial, airports, trackside, rock climbing?
    Subject to the underwriters’ prior approval, we are able to cover most types of hazardous activities. Please contact us so we are able to discuss your specific requirements.
  • Can I mix and match policy options to create a package specific to my needs?
    Yes, select our Create Your Own option which allows our customers to select from any of our 11 policy options to create the perfect package. The online facility offers our customers a flexible insurance package, tailored specifically to your needs. The Create Your Own policy option allows you to mix and match any of our policy selections to create the ideal policy for you. There’s also the option to pay for your policy in easy to manage, interest free, monthly direct debit payments.
  • Where can I get photography insurance?
    If you are wondering "where can I get photography insurance" then it's no surprise. There are only a small handful of specialist insurance brokers for photographers - and we're one of the originals and in our clients opinion the best. Our policies have been specially developed in partnership with our world class underwriters Accelerate Underwriting Limited and our professional photography clients.
  • Where to get photography insurance?
    There are very few places online where you can get exceptional insurance cover for your photographic is the original and best online provider of insurance to the photography market in the opinion of our clients.
  • Where to insure photographic equipment?
    Photographers spend thousands of pounds on equipment to help them do their job professionally. However, this highly technical equipment is a magnet for thieves. If it’s lost or stolen it can have a devastating impact on a photography business. Find out more by clicking here.
  • How to insure my photography equipment?
    t’s easy to understand why many photographers get confused about how to insure their photography equipment. There is such a bewildering array of insurance products out there on the market – but hardly any relevant to you as a photographer. Find out more by clicking here.
  • Where to insure my photography business?
    Insuring your photography business is a serious business. It’s important that you choose a reputable specialist photographer insurance scheme which is backed by a global underwriter. This gives you piece of mind that you will be treated professionally and quickly in the event of you having to make a claim. Find out more by clicking here.