More light, more sunshine, more colour?

Nature has a way of altering our mood and non-more so than Spring for Photographers.

Being able and willing to get out and about with our camera equipment brings with it more risk.

Before you rush out, Infocus Insurance recommend at least short and simple risk assessments given the weather can still be unpredictable in the UK with cold snaps, rain and even snow as far forward as Easter.

Small Photography businesses often rely heavily on one or two specialist Photographers and don’t often have a fleet of vehicles to transport themselves and their equipment to photoshoots.

Not a bad idea to assess the health and wellbeing of both and do what you can to refresh and oil your tools and wheels of trade.

Accidents and thefts can happen along the way, so it is wise to refer to the original Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan……your insurance policies.

Check your motor insurance policy insures all required drivers correctly and for business use. Cover for commuting to a regular place of work is not business use , which is a common misunderstanding.

Check when Servicing and MOT’s are due, when tyres might need replacing and plan ahead.

Good idea to dust down all your policies and check the cover is all ship shape and ready for the seasons ahead.

Ask for advice from the Insurance expert