Well, the Photo Show is over for this year and will not in fact reappear in 2023. As we all know, the next one is March 2024.

At first glance this seems a bold step. At second glance it seems eminently sensible for all concerned, from event organisers, exhibitors and seminar hosts to visitors. The perception is that we all need a breather – plus moving the event from September back to March seems to be what many believe will provide the greatest value for all concerned.

Certainly, none of the exhibitors appeared to be expressing any great disappointment at this news, with the cynics suggesting some of the big exhibitors were orchestrating and influencing this decision. That they may have done, but it still seems to make sense.

This is despite general exhibitor positivity about the value of this year’s event. The Photo Show remains a big attraction, and opinion suggests we want it to remain in our calendar and for its physical presence to endure.

However, the facts and conspicuous messages can’t be ignored. Visitor numbers were once again a shadow of their former presence.

If ever we needed evidence or a reminder that the physical marketplace has been affected by the digital marketplace, this was it. Of course, general economic and political conditions have played a part in recent times, and may have accelerated a reactionary shift towards digital, but in all honesty the writing has been on both the physical and virtual walls for many years.

But is it time for the physical marketplace to raise the white flag of surrender? Not on your nelly!

It’s time to be realistic, not defeatist about the value of physical markets and meeting places, and the benefits of meeting people in person.

Being physically drawn together as humans is a thoroughly rewarding thing. So much bonhomie, progress and creativity in one room can only be inspiring.

Now’s the time to gear up to the new challenges we all face – including reimagining (our greatest quality), refining and building better or new business models.

Ultimately there remains a demand for people who know how to use a camera to its greatest effect to create works of art and craft that add real value to the world around us.

We wish everyone in the photography and film-making industry good fortune and have faith that their resourcefulness will shine through.

Meantime we’re here to stay, serving this great industry in our physical and virtual offices.

See you all in March 2024 and before – whether that be in person or virtually!

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