Travelling with Insurance

With the summer almost upon us, many photographers will be packing up their kit ready to jet off on a photographic holiday.

4 Biggest Problems Facing Freelancers

Every career path has its twists and turns, however freelance photographers face a unique set of problems, and are often under greater pressure to overcome them.

The Importance of Cyber Security

‘It won’t happen to me’ is a common response from photographers about the threat that hacking poses to their business, but many don’t realise that they are particularly vulnerable to cyber crime.

Quantitativeeasing breaks Patrick’s leg?

No we are not talking about questionable money printing practices, we are talking about a horse (Quantitativeeasing) and a Photographer, Patrick McCann, who got a bit too close to the action at Che

The Photography Show 2015

 We’re extremely excited to be exhibiting at the 2015 Photography Show at the Birmingham NEC next m

Critical Illness & Income Protection

Critical Illness and Income Protection both give you essential protection should you become injured or too ill to work.

Tiger Woods Gets Tooth Knocked Out by Videographer

It has recently been reported that on a trip to Italy, Golf pro Tiger Woods had his front tooth knocked out by an over-eager videographer.

Getting 2015 Underway

1. New equipment

Received the latest gear for Christmas or treated yourself to a new piece of kit at a trade show or in the January sales?

New Year, Old You?

It’s that time of year when we all vow to do in 2015 the things we didn’t manage to get done in 2014.

New Year, Old You?

It’s that time of year when we all vow to do in 2015 the things we didn’t manage to get done in 2014.

Tis The Season – Festive Photography

Christmas is a great time to be a photographer.

Top Photography Essentials for the Christmas Season

It’s official – Christmas is coming. (It’s now only two weeks away!)

A loss of Pixels can cause a serious loss of Marbles

Trying to imagine worst case scenarios is tough. No one wants to do it. We all prefer to focus on positive, creative and inspirational concepts.

‘Ebenezers Guide To Successful Pick Pocketing at Christmas Time’

‘No one enjoys spending extra money on Christmas shopping and with this guide you won’t have to! This is the perfect guide on how to fill up your Christmas hamper without spending any money……….

Big Kids get Christmas Presents too…

At some stage of our lives, who knows when, we all make the transition from little kid to Big Kid….and then we stop growing any older…well at least in our minds eye.

Hiscox UK Returning to work advice

For any Legal Questions please refer to;

  1. DAS Infocus Helpline 0344 893 0859 (quoting Infocus Hiscox policy number)
  2. DAS Business Law web site for commercial legal expenses policyholders
Download Returning to work PDF