How to recover lost photos?

Here in the UK we are well into the summer holiday travel season and that includes Professional Photographers as well as amateurs. The publication Airline Reporter talks about loss or damage to valuable if not treasured photos and the options available to recover them. It draws a clear distinction between loss or damage caused by… Read more »

Infocus Insurance goes to the Newborn Photography Show

The Newborn Photography Show, taking place from 17th to 18th May at the Windmill Village Hotel, Coventry, is the first show in the UK to specialise in Newborn, Maternity and Child photography. This year’s Newborn Photography Show is promising to be the VERY BEST show yet, and if you haven’t booked your tradeshow tickets, now is… Read more »

Professional Photographer Really an Amateur in Disguise

Here we have a story of another Amateur Photographer pretending to be a Professional. To be fair we don’t know all sides to the story only what we read in the press. Being kind we will assume this person wandered naively into the Lion’s Den of wedding photography with eyes wide shut encouraged by people… Read more »

Monkey Selfie Case Resolved!

Back in August 2014 we wrote an article about the case of a monkey taking a selfie and the highly publicised argument about who owned the copyright over the image. The whole story started back in 2011 in Sulawesi Indonesia when a macaque monkey, called Naruta, used the unattended camera of British photographer David Slater… Read more »

The Photography Show 2016

The Photography Show is back, from 19th – 22nd March at the NEC Birmingham. With the show now celebrating its 3rd year and continuing success. Bringing together over 200 of the leading brands and industry experts, showcasing the latest camera, equipment and accessories, it attracts up to 30,000 amateur and professional photographers from around the… Read more »

Want Tax Efficient Life Insurance?

Your company can provide this cover for all or selected Directors Partners and employees. What is relevant life insurance? Relevant life insurance is an individual death in service policy that provides tax efficient life cover for your employees. It is a plan paid into by the employer for the benefit of the employee. The policy… Read more »

Preventing Accidents in a Photography Studio

Whether you’re a fashion, a portrait or a still-life photographer, it’s essential that your studio is safe for the general public, your clients and your staff to prevent accidents. Here are a few top tips to help photographers prevent accidents in their studio: Never leave the studio unattended. Carry out a risk assessment daily to… Read more »

Brooklyn Beckham, a Professional Photographer at 16?

Surely that can’t be possible. But it is. He has been commissioned by no less a company than Burberry to help promote their new brand of perfumes Promote is the operative word. He has millions of social media followers and fans, which on their own are sufficient marketing collateral to turn heads of the biggest… Read more »

Infocus at the SWPP Annual Convention!

This month we were delighted exhibit once again at the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers (SWPP) annual convention, which took place from 20th-24th January at the Hilton London Metropole. The convention is one of the biggest events in our calendar, and allows us to meet our customers and mingle with others in the industry…. Read more »

Don’t Get Too Close! Wildlife Photography Tips

Is wildlife photography your passion? For some, the thrill of observing and photographing animals in their natural habitat is second to none. Most wildlife photographers start close to home taking shots of animals and birds in their local woods and open countryside, but for some photographers their interest may eventually turn to more exotic habitats… Read more »

Going Freelance in the New Year

Have you always dreamt of being your own boss, choosing your own projects, making your own money? Going freelance sounds like a great option and according to recruitment experts, the first Monday of the New Year is the most popular day for people to quit their job and go freelance, or at least think about… Read more »

PR Crisis? What PR Crisis?

There can be a massive difference in the outcomes of a PR Crisis handled badly and one handled well.

Win 2 x Tickets To See Rihanna!

This month the Infocus team are giving away 2 tickets to see Rihanna perform live in concert at Lancashire Cricket Club, Manchester on 29th June 2016! 

Going from Freelance to Professional

=Have you always dreamt of turning your photography hobby into a professional business?

Maybe you’re holding back because you are concerned that

Top Places Camera Equipment Gets Stolen

Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, if photography is your passion, the chances are that your camera is one of your most prized possessions.

Do you know who I am?

Photojournalist gets shirty with CBS

Yet another David versus Goliath story over the value of Copyright images.