Cyber security experts are warning that the rate at which UK companies are being targeted by hackers is increasing and is costing businesses, both large and small,  more money every year.

The advances in new technology have resulted in more and more businesses using the internet for advertising, storing customer data and email to contact customers and suppliers.  But with this new technology comes new risks, from harmful viruses and dangerous hackers.

It is vital that both you and your clients are protected from the damage hackers can cause.

 So if you are wondering if you need cyber insurance the answer is probably yes, unless you are 100% sure that your business is protected and your business would  still be able to function if your IT was compromised.

However it is perhaps worth thinking about the following situations and how your business would cope financially…

  • What would happen if your client’s data was stolen from your server?

You are liable for that unauthorised collection and the client could sue you. The legal fees and compensation could cost you thousands of pounds.

  • What would happen if your IT system crashed?

The cost of repairing the equipment and retrieving data could be very expensive.

  • What would happen to the reputation of your business if client’s data was lost or stolen?

You have worked hard to build a successful business so it is important to protect it.

So if you are uncertain about cyber protection in your business, it is definitely worth investigating it a bit further.

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