Photographers Gambol & frolic in the spring and summer light but is it a calculated Gambol

Operating in the risk and insurance business can colour your view to the point of never wanting to take any risks simply because you see bad things happen more often than most.

On the other hand not seeing bad things happen can result in risk blindness.

Case study 1

A Wedding Photographer eager to find a stage to capture an entire wedding party directed them to a set of stairs at the back of a hotel hosting the reception.

The stairs were rotten and collapsed causing multiple injuries. The Photographer along with the Hotel were jointly liable for the injuries caused. This is a Public Liability claim involving multiple claimants and legal defence costs. Public Liability insurance hits the spotlight as does the adequacy of the indemnity limit.

Case study 2

An events photographer fully loaded with bags and multiple cameras lenses and all the usual paraphernalia eager to get the shot tumbles into a river.

Repairs were not viable and the cost of replacing everything exceeded £10,000.

Case study 3

A school photographer arranged a class of students on temporary staging set up in a playground. One fell off the staging causing serious head injuries. Public liability insurance is in the spotlight as is the indemnity limit.

Case study 4

A photographer working one summer night outdoors close to a rural beauty spot has their car broken into while unattended. All equipment in the vehicle was stolen. The spotlight shines on equipment theft cover after the hours of 9pm.

Case study 5

Wedding Photographer receives a complaint about the quality, lack of all required pictures and time it took to produce the contracted pictures and albums. Solicitors issued a letter of claim. Legal costs + damages settled in excess of £10,000.

Top tips

  • Plan ahead. Weigh up risks of mistakes & injury and avoid or manage them
  • Manage client expectations backed up by good conditions of engagement/contract
  • Get expert advice if unsure. Insurance and legal advice is at your finger tips

Not all accidents can be avoided even with the best planning and that is why Photography insurance as an essential back up. It is also an expert complaints department which can be handy if you don’t completely understand your rights or the client doesn’t.