This year has served up heatwaves, torrential rain, strong winds & flooding, so whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer it’s important to know how to protect your equipment in unpredictable weather conditions.

Here are some great tips:

  1. It is almost impossible to avoid the rain in the UK. Using a shower cap or a plastic bag over your camera will help to keep it dry or using a lens hood to keep the rain off the lens but if your equipment does get wet another good idea is to carry some  rice or sachets of silica gel. Put the rice or silica gel sachets into the camera case with the camera to soak up the excess moisture. It is always useful to carry a towel to dry a camera and equipment in case you do get caught in the rain.
  2. The cold can cause problems with condensation on the camera lens. If you go from cold outside conditions into a warm room the lens can ‘fog up.’ To prevent this, while still outside, put your camera into a plastic bag. The moisture will then condense on the bag and leave your camera unaffected. Also batteries run down more quickly in cold conditions so keep them in a jacket pocket or a glove until you are ready to take photos. 
  3. The wind blowing sand, grit or larger debris around can cause a lot of damage to a camera. Try to shelter you and your camera with an umbrella or a wall when taking shots.

To prevent your tripod from falling over or vibrating, hang your rucksack or a bag containing stones or a water bottle onto the tripod to weight it down, or tie the tripod down with rope.

Photographic & Technical Equipment insurance from Infocus Photography Insurance is available on equipment valued up to £15,000 and includes protection against ‘all risks’ including accidental damage due to adverse weather conditions.

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