Cloud Storage

Losing client data is every professional photographers worst nightmare.

Photography Holidays

As many photographers know, it is important to travel around in order to get that perfect shot.

Image of the Month – Marie Warwick

As you may already know The Guild of Photographers run a monthly competition to find The Image Of The Month.  Entries are assessed and scored out of 100 by judges using an internationally reco

Photography Insurance – Beneath the Jargon

We understand that when it comes to insurance it can be hard to get your head round some of the terms you come across, especially if you have never made a claim before. 

Getty Allows Free Use of Images Online

American stock photo agency Getty images has raised concern amongst photographers after deciding to offer 35 million of its images for free online use.

Safely Photograph a Dangerous Event

From violent protests to foreign war zones, some photographers put their lives at risk every day to capture some of the most perilous places on the planet.

Prepare for Wedding Season

Wedding season is fast approaching, and the number one item on your wedding photography checklist should be preparation.

Getty Images declares free use of 35 million images

Following a number of high-profile copyright cases in the past year, it was broadcast this month that the world’s largest photo agency, Getty Images, has made a large chunk of its photo library fre

What insurance do video makers need?

Here at InFocus we’re renowned for our leading photography insurance policies but not many people know we are also specialists in insurance policies for video makers.

Only in America?

Who’s seen the story doing the rounds concerning American photographer, Allen Henson, who has recently been hit by a $1 million lawsuit for photographing a topless model at the top of the Empire St

Storm photography – would you risk it?

As Britain experiences its worst series of winter storms in 20 years, professionals and amateur photographers alike continue to risk their lives to capture that perfect snap.

Almost Famous

What would you do if you walked into a popular high street fashion chain and your face was staring right back at you, from the front of a t-shirt?

Caught out

Another case of copyright infringement has come to light this week as two agencies have been ordered to pay $1.2 million in damages for using photographs acquired through Twitter.

What insurance cover do freelance photographers need?

It’s National Freelancers Day this week so we thought it would be useful to pull together some information on what photography insurance you might need as a freelance photographer or videographer.

Hiscox UK Returning to work advice

For any Legal Questions please refer to;

  1. DAS Infocus Helpline 0344 893 0859 (quoting Infocus Hiscox policy number)
  2. DAS Business Law web site for commercial legal expenses policyholders
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