Apps for Photographers

Smartphone apps are now being widely used as photography tools, allowing photographers to take their shoots to the next level and explore new realms of creativity.

Here are some interesting ones we have come across, let us know what your thoughts are of these apps and whether there are any more you can recommend.

1. Golden Hour

The hour after sunrise and sunset, known as the ‘Golden Hour’ is a sacred time for photographers. This app lets you know exactly when that is wherever you happen to be.

2. Sun Seeker

Any photographer knows that natural light is essential. Sun seeker allows you to plot the suns course, allowing you to make the most of every last drop of sunlight.

3. DropBox

Losing data is every photographer’s worst nightmare. Aside from the disappointment and disruption to your work, you could potentially make yourself vulnerable to a costly indemnity insurance claim if you’re shooting for a client. DropBox allows you to load photos in full resolution and offers you peace of mind that all your images are backed up.

4. PhotoCalc

PhotoCalc will calculate correct exposure times, hyperfocal distances or depth of field in an instant and even provides an extensive glossary of photographic terminology.

5. Canon Lenses

With this app you’ll get a full database of every current, and recently discontinued, Canon lens, which you can then sort by price, focal length or aperture.

6. Trigger Trap

This clever app acts as a remote shutter release for you DSLR, allowing you to shoot without touching your camera (causing shake). Great for wildlife or sports photography.

7. Photography Week

The app from the successful photography magazine features video guides, practical advice and reviews on the latest gear.

8. WeatherPro

Lets face it; the weather can make or break an outdoor photography shoot. WeatherPro allows you to pin down almost to the minute when rain will fall, giving you a much better chance of securing that perfect shot.

9. Easy Release

Photographers often find themselves in situations where they need to seek permission to photograph people and buildings. Easy Release creates official, legally binding release forms so you don’t have to keep track of any paperwork while you’re out and about.

Don’t forget that you also need Public Liability Insurance to cover legal responsibilities if your activities cause injury to a third party or damage to property.

10. Pashadelic

Are you a keen traveller? Pashadelic allows you to discover new locations by telling you exactly where to capture the best scenes a place has to offer, whether its down the road or the other side of the world.

Let us know which ones you use…