Whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, decent camera equipment is essential but can be expensive!

From the camera itself to tripods, lens filters and memory cards, it doesn’t take long to accumulate thousands of pounds of equipment in order to help you do your job professionally.

Unfortunately, this type of equipment can become a major target for thieves and if it gets lost or stolen it can have a devastating impact on you and your business.

For many photographers, the more expensive their camera equipment is, the less they use it through fear of having it lost or stolen but at Infocus we don’t think there’s any point in owning great equipment if you cant actually use it. We believe this is why so many photographers come to us to get their equipment insured.

When you insure your photography equipment you want to be sure that your cover will be tailored to your individual needs as a photographer but with such a huge array of insurance products on the market, it can be somewhat confusing.

This is where Infocus Photography Insurance can help.

Our Photographic & Technical Equipment cover is available on equipment valued up to £15,000 and includes protection against ‘all risks’ including accidental damage and theft.

There is only a small handful of specialist insurance brokers for photographers and we’re one of the originals and, in our client’s opinion, the best.

Our policies have been specially developed in partnership with our world-class underwriters Hiscox PLC and our professional photography clients.

Cover from Infocus Photography Insurance gives you peace of mind needed when out on a photo shoot, traveling around the world or simply just stepping out of your door with your equipment.

For more information on equipment cover, or any of our other packages then visit: our policies page, contact us on 0844 811 8056 or ‘Request a callback’ for advice.