It couldn’t happen to you…….could it?

We are pleased to report this incident had a happy ending. The Vicar managed to complete the wedding ceremony and the happy couple managed to get across the line as man and wife. However…..what if he was unable to continue?

It is always a good thing to learn from the lessons of others.

Apart from the obvious potential upset, what might be the financial consequences had the injury been more serious and the Bride and Groom left high and dry?

Too late to cancel the reception venue and probably too late to cancel the honeymoon. Too late to cancel the Photographer too……Wedding dress &/or Suit hire costs, Flowers, Cake, DJ’s, Musicians. Wedding meal, Buffets, wedding cars, Guests hotel booking costs….the list goes on. All would be unrecoverable costs at this late stage.

The suppliers you will find will be entitled to retain their fees.

With a wedding event insurance policy the Bride and Groom could happily recover those lost costs from their insurers and be able to afford to pay for it all over again.

As Professional Photographers it would be a wise move for ‘Wedding Event Insurance’ to be on your check list of things to discuss with the Bride. Not only does it reinforce your professionalism but it protects your fee and in the process permits the Bride to re-book with you.

On the other hand, what if it was you, as a photographer that had the fall and was unable to complete your work. Having the right insurance in place could cover you in this event.

We know that incidents like this are uncommon and it’s often hard to prevent incidents like this happening; however we’ve come up with a few tips that could help:

  • Always have a plan, this will help familiarise yourself with the order of the day. It could even be beneficial to have a plan B, as the old saying says ‘The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray’
  • Be aware of and know your surroundings – visit the site a couple of days before or turn up early to have a walk around
  • Bring back up camera equipment and / or second shooter that can help out if needed
  • Discuss any concerns you have regarding health and safety with the client prior to the event

We understand that having an accident and not being able to shoot is a photographer’s worse nightmare as it can be costly and not only ruin your day but also your clients day.

Having insurance cover in place can give you that extra piece of mind. Contact us for more information: