‘No one enjoys spending extra money on Christmas shopping and with this guide you won’t have to! This is the perfect guide on how to fill up your Christmas hamper without spending any money……….

1. Look out for any open bags, they may contain wallets and purses filled with Christmas money, credit and debit cards.

2. Open bags may also contain the latest phone, tablet or camera.

3. This is the perfect time of year to mingle with the crowds of shoppers weighed down, burdened and hampered with carrier bags containing all sorts of goodies. Only fair to help lighten their load….

4. Finally look out for unoccupied, unlocked cars or homes, they may contain a treasure trove of new purchases.

Merry Christmas to all the pick-pocketers!’

We are of course jesting in order to make a point, that being we all need to take precautions to avoid attracting the wrong sort of attention.

Ebenezer Scrooge did of course eventually find redemption after being visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and those to come. Unfortunately not all villains can be redeemed.

The best option is therefore to take sensible precautions and buy insurance protection along with your presents. Infocus is here to help with both home insurance and Photography business insurance.