You’re probably already aware that Infocus can provide essential types of cover such as equipment insurance and public liability, but did you know that we are the only photography and videography insurance scheme to offer automatic ‘Crisis Containment’ cover?

Threats to photographers reputation are much more frequent and damaging now than they have ever been. With the widespread use of the Internet and social media, almost any crisis has the potential ‘go viral,’ making your business front-page news overnight.

Professional photographers often get work from word of mouth referrals, and without proper handling, a crisis could have a real impact on business.

While you may think that you would have the ability to handle a crisis, you may not be fully prepared for the more complex business issues that arise as a result.

Affected by a crisis?

If your photography business is affected by a crisis, which causes adverse publicity or media attention, managing its consequences requires swift action and a clear, in-depth understanding of crisis management.

Crisis Containment cover from Infocus Insurance will give you access to an experienced PR agency who will handle a crisis on your behalf, ensuring any negative repercussions are minimised for you and your business.

When you are insured with Infocus Photography Insurance, you can claim up to £25,000 to contain any crisis should the worst happen with no additional cost to you!

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