At some stage of our lives, who knows when, we all make the transition from little kid to Big Kid….and then we stop growing any older…well at least in our minds eye.

Sometimes that big kid happens to be a real live or budding Professional Photographer &/or a video maker and their Presents happen to be the latest Camera or Photography Gadget, costing a pretty packet.

Unfortunately all too often little or no thought is given to immediately insuring the more expensive items. They might be stashed away out of sight until Santa is due to visit but that doesn’t mean they are completely safe. Burglars are active around christmas, winter weather can cause burst pipes and fires can still happen.

Make sure there are no tears that can’t quickly be wiped away with the security and safety of an Infocus Insurance policy.

Infocus insurance have something to offer Professional Photographers,Videographers and short Film Makers including semi-professional and amateurs.

Don’t wait until it is too late…