Cyber attacks have gained much prominence in the media recently, with the theft of photographs from celebrity’s online accounts raising real questions about the protection of our data.

Despite the buzz around the story, awareness still remains relatively low, and many photographers may not be aware of how exposed they are to risks.

While it would be easy to assume that hacking is a concern reserved for large corporations and A-List celebrities, in actual fact hackers can (and will) target anyone who has data to steal. The risk to small businesses was made evident in the 2013 Information Security Breaches Survey Report, which revealed that around nine out of ten small businesses had suffered a data breach.

Cyber security expert Prof Peter Sommer told The Telegraph that new and improved technology poses one of the biggest risks to businesses.

“When it comes to cyber there are lots of risks and they keep changing”

“Most of the people in an organisation feel they don’t want to get left behind, but all too often they don’t think through the security implications. If you look in particular at cloud computing, some of the contracts that people are signing seem to leave businesses extremely exposed.”

“Across the board people are taking appalling risks and they don’t know what they would do if something went wrong,”

Unfortunately, with the risk of cyber security increasingly evident, simply being careful is not always going to be enough to prevent an attack and photographers may want to look into getting insurance.

For photographers and videographers, if a hacker damages your website it can be costly to repair and has the potential to affect your reputation.

If you choose to protect yourself with Internet and Email Liability insurance from Infocus Photography Insurance, you will be covered to provide defence costs &/or compensation to third parties incurred as a result of;

  • Content of Email, Intranet, Extranet or Website
  • Negligent Transmission of a Computer Virus
  • Unauthorised collection or misuse of any data
  • Damage to computers or website(s) caused by hackers

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