Trying to imagine worst case scenarios is tough. No one wants to do it. We all prefer to focus on positive, creative and inspirational concepts. Think about things that make us happy….and for those fortunate enough, things that might make money.

Well sorry boys and girls stuff happens.

Infocus are not here to stir, but we are here to try and prevent stuff happening in the first place and when it does we’re here to help clean up the mess.

Digital Recovery Agency Kroll Ontrack have compiled a top ten list of Data Disasters where their skills have been instrumental in recovering lost data including pictures.

What this doesn’t reveal are those occasions when they couldn’t help.

If you are a Professional with a job to fulfil, the book doesn’t stop with the disappointment of losing pictures. You may still have an expectant customer to disappoint, or a shoot to retake with all the inherent costs.

This is where Infocus Insurance can help prevent you losing your marbles…..

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