Why do you need photographers insurance?

Photography insurance is often seen as a pain, but not half as painful as loosing hundreds, or even thousands of pounds due to not taking out a policy.

Is the family album no more?

Following our latest blog which highlighted the dying trend of printing off pictures, we stumbled across some research by Samsung which has been all over the news this morning.

Top tips for photographers

In this blog, we thought it would be useful to highlight our top tips for photographers to take into account AFTER taking photographs.

Human or Machine?

We were shocked this week when we read that an American newspaper has taken the decision to get rid of its entire photography team and replace them with…iPhones!

Google Glass

Unless you have been on another planet for the past few months, you will have heard about Google Glass.

Travel Photography

The art of travel photography is a popular sentiment and allows those travelling the world to capture memorable moments and share them with others.

Pinhole photography

The phenomenon of Pinhole photography has been one that has grasped much attention in recent months. This type of photography is lensless and uses a tiny hole to replace the lens.


The Photovision Roadshow’s are a great way to meet likeminded photographers, bringing together the best manufacturers and trade suppliers in the Photographic Industry.

Protect your equipment

In a recent inquest, a man from the North East admitted that he had stolen expensive photography equipment and is now facing a prison sentence for the offence.

Legalised theft of copyrighted works

In a new act dubbed the ‘Instagram Act’, professional photographers are facing losing the rights to their images if they are not properly copyrighted.

What type of camera equipment do you use?

According to reports, the new iPhone advert claims that every day ‘More photos are taken with an iPhone than any other camera.’ Although it sounds like a bold statement, it is unsurprising.

Big thanks from us….

At the beginning of March we began a charity initiative for the very worthy charity, Comic Relief.

Shop around for your professional insurance policy

We get lots of positive feedback on our cheap photographer’s insurance policies and wanted to thank you for all the great testimonials you send.  People are quite accustomed to shopping around

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