It’s National Freelancers Day this week so we thought it would be useful to pull together some information on what photography insurance you might need as a freelance photographer or videographer. Many believe the cost of a camera kit is all they need to insure but there’s often much more than this to consider, especially if freelance photography is your full time livelihood. Freelance photographers stand to lose a great deal more than other, employed photographers so it’s essential to have all bases covered.

As well as the standard Photographic & Technical Equipment cover, it’s also likely you will need Public Liability (PL) and Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance as standard, especially if this is your main means of making a living. PL ensures you are covered should you cause injury to third parties, and/or lose or damage any of their property while working. Accidents could be anything from someone tripping over your tripod, to more serious incidents which require medical attention.

PI is also incredibly important for professional freelance photographers and videographers – this covers you against any third party who claims you have not done your job correctly. It covers your legal liability to pay compensation to the claimant. Today’s ‘claim culture’ unfortunately means these types of claim are becoming increasingly common, regardless of how skilful or professional you are. You don’t want your livelihood scuppered as a result of negligence claims, whether they are true or false.

Whatever policy options you choose to select, it’s important that you buy your cover from a specialist insurer who has extensive experience in the professional photography industry, rather than getting insured under alternative policies such as business or home and content. If you have any questions about what cover you may need, call us for an informal chat on 0844 811 8056.