Some Photographers are thinking about or are returning to work and need to bounce CovidSafe plans and ideas around.

Now that more businesses are being permitted to open and trade, we are all being hit with a barrage of advice, some from public authorities, national and local whose official lines we must follow.

Then there is the advice from a bewildering array of sources. Some well-meaning and free but mostly not authoritative and some with a vested interested in securing your custom.

Official advice can be confusing or vague for experts in the field of Health & Safety and Human Resources, never mind Photographers. Best to get experts to help interpret guidance correctly. Those experts need to be conversant with staff and customer Health & Safety rules, Employment and Customer Contracts and Photography business insurance.

Perhaps a timely reminder of the age-old Serenity Prayer might provide some relief and perspective “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” Wisdom also to know who to trust.

The principle of KISS ‘Keep it simple stupid’ also springs to mind. The basic tenet of this principle is that whatever you do, people (staff, visitors, customers) must be able to follow it with ease.

Adopting CovidSafe strategies is something we can change as business operators.

  1. The official line – keep to current Government and Public Health guidance and rules
  2. Social Distance (whatever that happens to be)
  3. Sanitisers (Pocket and handbag as well)
  4. Masks do a similar job to the good old handkerchief (protect others)
  5. Signage at premises
  6. Travel and mix safely
  7. Update contractual terms and conditions to cater for *Notifiable communicable diseases
  8. Update Risk Assessments and act upon identified risk improvements
  9. Communicate the above to all who need to know

Remember – Covid19 is one specific strain of disease that has resulted in a global pandemic. Other strains may follow.

Remember – there are also a host of other Govt specified ‘notifiable’ communicable diseases and organisms. It is therefore not wise to limit your documentation to Covid19 infections or outbreaks when trying address the risk of diseases and organisms that can cause serious illness and injury or worse….

Remember – these are not one-way strategies. We can and should expect other people, transport, and property owners & users to observe reasonable standards of care towards ourselves and our property.

For the moment avoid large gatherings, especially where it is clear there is likely to be a lack of control by any organisers or public authorities.

Recent Rave parties have served to illustrate a point. While not everybody’s cup of tea (and clearly Tea is in short supply at these gatherings) the presence and use of alcohol and recreational drugs obviously lowers peoples risk awareness at best and increases recklessness towards others at worst.

Even protests, however worthy the cause, are often gatherings where authorities struggle to control contact and distance. For the moment at least, ask yourself is it worth the cause or photo opportunity to risk infection.

Meantime stay Covid19 safe and best of luck with your business recovery endeavours.

Peter Stevenson