=Have you always dreamt of turning your photography hobby into a professional business?

Maybe you’re holding back because you are concerned that

  • You’ll not bring in enough money from it to support yourself.
  • You don’t know enough about running a business
  • You don’t know what products to sell.

It can certainly be daunting to take those first steps to make your dreams come true but with dedication and planning it can be done

Here are three steps to help you on your way:-

Step one: Study the Numbers.

It takes time to build a business and you still have to live – buy food, pay your bills and run your car.

 It is important for your own security and peace of mind that you have enough saving to keep you going for a few months.

Take time to work out how much you need to cover you living expenses, for say the first 6 months, while you get started.

Step two: Create a Business Plan.

Planning is the key to all successful businesses.

To create a business plan you should:

  • Carry out market research
  • Build a marketing strategy
  • Decide on an annual budget
  • Define your competitive edge

Your business plan becomes your guide but without these core elements in place your business will have no direction.

Step 3: Build your Brand Identity.

Building a clear brand identity is very important. It establishes your professional identity with your clients and ensures consistency across all aspects of your business.

Take the time to carefully plan your:

  • Portfolio
  • Style
  • Identity
  • Website

These 3 steps may be useful in starting your business; however there are certain things, like insurance, for which you will require expert guidance.

At Infocus Photography Insurance we have experienced advisors who can help anyone going from freelance to professional, and provide you with the peace of mind that solid dependable insurance advice and protection brings.

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