The flood gates for Photographers businesses have been opened…..but beware…..that uninvited party pooping guest Covid is still trying to gate crash events and spoil the fun.

Whatever you may think about Government and NHS apps attempts to stem and control the tide, it remains in all our interests to do what can reasonably be done to protect our businesses our staff and customers.

Something to be aware of: Public Liability insurance covers now more commonly contain ‘communicable disease’ risk control conditions and exclusions.

These will refer to reasonable precautions to reduce or contain the risk of unwittingly giving or receiving the disease. Failure to observe the conditions may invalidate your Public Liability insurance.

Anyone acting recklessly by not observing reasonable and sensible Covid safe precautions is in danger of being accused of being deliberately or wantonly reckless by predictably putting people in harm’s way.

The obvious examples of potential reckless acts are;

  1. business owners or staff members know they have tested positive but continue to mix in work settings
  2. Business owners or staff who have been pinged by the NHS app and told to isolate regardless of an absence of symptoms who then continue to mix
  3. Failing to observe required testing or vaccination rules

Lateral flow tests and NHS pinging apps are not without their well-publicised flaws. However, they are just one line of a concerted defence force, to which we must contribute as we go about our daily lives.

As for vax v anti vax theorists ‘You don’t get vaccinated, you take’s your own chances’. ‘You get vaccinated, you take’s your own chances’.

Evidence seems to be gathering apace in the much happier group of people on the latter side of the argument that Covid vaccine(s) benefits have far outweighed any risks.

Ultimately, we should all be acting in a concerted fashion to keep ourselves and other people with whom we come into contact healthy and keep businesses open.

Stay safe and be nice to each other 😊