Christmas is just around the corner and many of us will have been busy buying presents for family and friends, but what’s on your Christmas wish list?

As a keen photographer, whether you are an amateur or a professional, you are probably hoping that Father Christmas will be bringing you a whole host of goodies to add to your kit bag, from a new lens or flash to the very latest high spec camera!

 Unfortunately thieves are also looking forward to getting hold of these items, as cameras and photographic equipment are desirable and expensive.

What can I do?

Make sure your insurance provider knows about all your new equipment as soon as possible and make a note of the model and serial number of all your new items.

Have you ever added up the cost of all your photographic equipment? It’s surprising how it all mounts up!

If you’re a professional photographer, where your business depends on your equipment, just imagine the cost of having to replace it all in one go because it was stolen.

Losing equipment is inconvenient and replacing it is expensive, so whether photography is your hobby or your livelihood, make sure you are covered.

Getting the right cover…

Infocus Photography Insurance has Photographic & Technical Equipment cover available on equipment valued up to £15,000 and includes protection against ‘all-risks’ including accidental damage and theft.

Cover from Infocus Photography Insurance gives you the peace of mind needed when out on a photo shoot, travelling around the world or simply just stepping out of your door with your equipment.

For more information on equipment cover or any of our other packages then visit: Infocus Photography Insurance policies page, contact us on 0161 925 5051 or ‘Request a call-back’ for advice.