The Infocus team are available to answer questions about your insurance policy and have the facility to operate as a virtual office using existing telephone number 0161 925 5051 and email addresses.

General Advice

No insurance policy has been designed with the previously unknown Covid 19 in mind and as such no policy is designed to provide cover against losses attributable to this disease. Some policies specifically exclude any disease claims, some list specific diseases where some cover may be provided subject to caveats. Covid 19 will not be on those lists.

Some types of policies or sections of cover appear to provide some protection by default of failing to exclude losses attributable to the disease. These policies have not been tested fully as few claims have been submitted to insurers. It is not recommended you rely on this until cover has been confirmed by the insurer concerned.

It is unsafe to rely on the advice of unconnected and unauthorised persons not answerable for incorrect advice.

Policy wordings need to be checked carefully to get a better picture. Apart from that please follow Government Health advice and guidance and stay as safe as possible.