Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, if photography is your passion, the chances are that your camera is one of your most prized possessions.

High quality professional camera equipment can cost thousands of pounds to purchase and if you own an expensive camera, or any camera for that matter, you probably don’t want it stolen.

 But unfortunately, it happens all too frequently.

Here is some interesting data that indicates places where cameras and photographic equipment were stolen from, during 2014.

27% from a car

24% during a house burglary

9% on public transport

9% in a robbery

7% at an event

7% lost

5% at airports or on planes

5% in bars or restaurants

3% by package theft

3% in hotels

1% through PayPal/eBay fraud

Other interesting facts are: Canon cameras are more likely to be stolen than other brands and photographic equipment is reported stolen more frequently in London, Rome and Barcelona.

It can be very distressing if you have your camera stolen that is why you need a high quality insurance policy designed to react quickly, with the minimum of fuss.

Whether you are Professional Photographers, whose business depends on their equipment or an amateur photographer our Photographic & Technical Equipment policy has been specifically designed to cover the most common requirements and includes theft from unattended motor vehicles and annual worldwide cover.

 Insuring your camera with Infocus Photography Insurance is a wise decision and will provide a great value, tailored insurance package, which will protect your investment and give you the freedom to enjoy your photography anywhere in the world and keep your gear safe.

High class Photographers and Videographers deserve high class insurance protection at affordable premiums.

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