In some respects the proximity of stadiums and climate will make life easier for the Photographer.

This sort of event though remains a very competitive environment.

Sports Photographers will know that Photographers working under the Getty images hat alone will produce millions of World Cup related pictures in the hope some will be good enough to use, all of which are still a mere fraction of the number taken by Photographers representing the rest of the world’s press and media.

How many will be recalled in years to come as defining images of the tournament is another matter?

Getty will be attuned to Intellectual Property Rights as will other more practised members of the Photography community.

Other less practised Photographers will need to be aware of the issues and risks just in case they capture a perfect picture.

Turning to ‘stay at home’ Sports and Event photographers they will no doubt have been booked already for pre-planned and well organised events and will be primed and ready to capture and sell whatever images they can. Others will be looking for opportunities.

The worry might be that this will prove to be the most ‘stay at home’ World Cup audience ever, with more people watching matches in the comfort of their own homes and possibly hosting parties at home for families and friends.

Publicans will be doing their best to entice customers to switch off or turn down their heating and switch off their lights and enjoy their pubs hospitality. Hopefully they will be supported well enough to afford their bills.

Not much will be going on outdoors in the UK, unlike in summer tournaments, so those venues with decent sized attractive and convenient indoor spaces will best placed to entertain crowds.

Here in the UK as Winter starts to bite, it does feel the most indoors World Cup tournament audience ever. Let’s hope some sparkling football matches and a good run from England and Wales can liven up the event and warm the cockles.

As always, portable Photography Equipment taken to events especially ‘lively’ events are more at risk from loss, theft or damage. Please make sure you are aware of any insurance cover limitations and take care of you valuable kit regardless.