Our Infocus insurance policy providing insurance cover for professional and amateur photographers and videographers has always been able to insure drone equipment when at rest and not in flight, at home or in transit. This is all year round, along with all the other selected covers within our policy.

Now Infocus has selected a suitable partner to insure drone equipment plus the flier or operator only when needed ‘in flight’ – a pay-as-you-use insurance policy.

Annual policies can work out more cost-effective for frequent fliers, but not for infrequent fliers.

The rules and regulations surrounding the right to fly drones and the commercial use of drones are evolving, and photography and videography professionals need to be wary of breaking the relevant airspace laws as well as local authority or privacy rules.

There are reports that some people still ignore, or are ignorant of, the laws – which is no defence.

Some people spoil it for other legitimate and trained certified drone operators by deliberately or recklessly choosing to flout the laws and sensible safety rules. But the best bet is to follow the rules and avoid potential breach of both criminal and civil laws and ensuing legal liabilities!

The Civil Aviation Authority can get extremely stroppy with rule-breakers. They’re seeking primarily to avoid endangering legitimate users of airspace or people and property on the ground below the drone flight path.

The subject of privacy has been a feature of the TV soap opera Emmerdale among others.

Our advice is to follow the advice of the experts – and in terms of airspace rules, that’s the Civil Aviation Authority and accredited flying schools.

When it comes to insurance, Infocus Insurance is the expert – and we’re delighted to offer our new infrequent flier drone insurance.