No doubt about it, insurers are expecting the frequency of thefts and Frauds to increase and are also expecting the cost of those claims to increase in line with high inflation.

It’s not hard to see why. And it’s not just Photographers and Videographers who need to exercise more caution than in less turbulent economic times.

But is there anything we trusting souls can do to stop us becoming victims of Thieves and Fraudsters.

It feels very negative to suggest we should not trust anyone, but it is wise to be more cautious.

If we say to ourselves our default position is to not trust approaches from unexpected or unfamiliar businesses or strangers who have yet to earn our trust then we are well on the way to blocking out at least a proportion of would-be thieves, muggers and fraudsters.

This could be an online encounter as well as in person and both at a moment in time when for whatever reason we are off-guard.

A high proportion of thefts appear to be opportunistic settings and circumstances. You could argue these are chance encounters where people find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In reality keeping a weather eye open for theft and fraud risk and taking all available precautions could mean you avoid the bad weather and the would-be thief passes you by.

We must guard against chance encounters with people who might relieve us of our valuable possessions simply because they happen by at a moment when we and our property is unguarded.

All in all take a moment to think about the times when your equipment might be more exposed to theft and take whatever precautions are available.

That could be as simple as asking a trusted reliable person to keep an eye on your temporarily unattended property, or it could be locking it in a room or vehicle hidden from prying eyes.

All insurance policies expect a policyholder to act as though they were the insurer and take reasonable precautions to prevent loss or damage. Failing to take reasonable precautions to keep insured property safe and secure is a rarely used policy condition but it does exist in all policies.

In addition, there will be conditions attaching to theft cover. Usually this relates to cover exclusions, conditions or limitations for unattended property especially overnight in unattended vehicles. Better to be forewarned and forearmed.

Check your policies and ask for advice from a trusted expert.