‘It won’t happen to me’ is a common response from photographers about the threat that hacking poses to their business, but many don’t realise that they are particularly vulnerable to cyber crime.

This is understandable to a certain extent, especially if you are self-employed. You aren’t mixed up in high finance or linked to any big agencies so why would a hacker target you?

Photographers often express comfort in the view that they are under the radar of criminal gangs – and anyway they have up to date Firewalls and Anti-Virus protection…but times have changed.

Protecting a photography business from crime is about much more than that nowadays. E-risks are increasingly prevalent, but all too often concern is raised when it’s too late and the damage has been done. Data in some professions can easily be retrieved but for a photographer shooting wedding days and events it can be a different story!

We speak to many photographers who want to ensure their office and equipment is covered from a security breach, but worryingly most people don’t consider cyber crime, which is not covered by our traditional insurance policies.

Cyber crime is not about a huge gang of criminals targeting big businesses or bashing down a front door and escaping with a companies crown jewels. This is about keyboard Guerrillas using ever more sophisticated web crawling and infiltration software, sitting in the comfort of shadowy rented properties. They are searching for easy prey and all too often the easiest prey is the weakest prey.

Being cyber secure is about protecting business critical and confidential customer data more than property or money, although if entry to bank accounts can be gained it is going to be gratefully accepted.

What can you do as a photographer?

Speak to your IT experts, whether they are in-house, or an external company or both.  Ask them to review system security and report on how your systems detect and react to intrusions and what, if any, new measures can be introduced to improve cyber defences.

Never forget also that the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) is casting a beady eye on companies who fail to take this issue seriously. So there can be a double whammy to a cyber attack in the form of an ICO fine.

Reacting and correcting intrusions can be an expensive exercise. Without Cyber Insurance, all costs come off your bottom line profit. To discuss this area of risk and insurance options, get in touch today.