Many photographers don’t even consider Commercial and Legal Expenses Cover when taking out insurance, but when you work freelance, legal matters really do become a fact of life.

If you think you’re safe from a commercial dispute, think again. We bring you a short guide to common reasons you may need Commercial and Legal Expenses Cover when working as a freelance photographer…

Legal defence costs

Every photographer is subject to a wide range of legislation including Health & Safety at Work, the Sex Discrimination Act, Race Relations and the Data Protection Act. Ignorance is not a defence but insurance will cover you for legal defence costs resulting from a claim made against you.

Employment disputes

Whether you employ staff or not, this is essential cover that you shouldn’t be without. If you face an employment tribunal from an existing, former or even prospective employee at interview stage, you will need adequate cover to pay legal fees to defend your position. There are a number of claims that employees could make against you, including wrongful/unfair dismissal, or accusations of discrimination based on race, sex or disability.

Compensation awards

In the unfortunate event that action is taken against you, you face the risk of losing the case and being ordered to pay out compensation. Appropriate cover will mean your insurer will pay any basic and compensatory awards.

Property protection

When you’re working as a professional photographer, it doesn’t take long to accumulate thousands of pounds worth of specialist equipment. Unfortunately this type of equipment can become damaged, or threatened with damage, at any time causing a devastating impact on you and your business. You could suffer huge financial loss through the negligence of, or trouble caused by someone else and the subsequent damage may not always be insured. For this reason it is essential that you have the financial assets to protect your legal rights. Pursuing legal action for compensation or an injunction to prevent damage can be expensive and the outcome isn’t always certain. Property protection gives you peace of mind that in the event of the problem you won’t need to hesitate before taking action. 

Bodily injury

If you or an employee of the business is injured or fatally injured as a result of employment duties, cover is provided to negotiate legal rights including loss of wages or salary.

Tax protection

Anyone would be concerned about the prospect of an in-depth investigation into their tax affairs. If you are pulled by the Inland Revenue then a policy would provide cover for any legal or accountants fees, where required. 

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