Summer is officially upon us and the next few months are likely to be busy for professional photographers everywhere. 

If you are doing any event work this summer such as a wedding, festival or charity fundraiser, you need to make sure you have a minimum of Public Liability cover in place.

When working as a photographer there is always potential for an accident, no matter what time of year. When working at a summer event, most venues will ask for proof of Public Liability before you even begin work so we would advise that you consider it before you step out the house. 

What does it cover?

Public Liability Insurance covers you and your livelihood in case you are subject to any third party claims.

These claims can be for injuries that you may have directly or indirectly caused to a member of the public. For example, if you left your tripod lying on a pathway at an event and someone tripped over it and injured themselves, you would be liable for any compensation that person sought.

Public Liability Insurance will also cover third person property damage. For example if your tripod toppled over and ended up scratching a nearby car, the owner of that vehicle would be well within their rights to claim against you for compensation. Simple accidents like these can end up leaving you significantly out of pocket so it’s worth being as careful as possible when working at an event this summer. 

Insurance really is a must for professional photographers and Infocus offer Public Liability Insurance included as standard as part of our Basic Cover as well as our Standard Cover (up to £2,000,000)

You can take a look at details of all our policies here. Here at Infocus we’re confident that we have something for everyone but if you need anything else please get in touch with a member of the team.