If you have only two minutes, watch this introductory video about Professional Indemnity insurance starring a Vaudeville-esque Flash the frog by visiting our website or following this link

If you are hungry for a little more information then read on.

Professional Indemnity insurance is a critically important insurance protection whenever you provide a service to a client especially for a fee or commission. When you do this you raise the bar of responsibility and expectation owed to your client.

If you fail to meet the professional standards they expect or simply fail to provide the service they have paid for then they can point the finger of blame at you and expect compensation in some form or other.

If clients enlist the help of a lawyer to press their case then it can quickly become a disastrously expensive affair.

What can go wrong you may think;

–        Failing to turn up at a planned fashion shoot. Studio costs, model fees, Set costs, incidental costs of all let down Parties are examples of claims

–        Quality of Wedding pictures is a common complaint

–        Loss of pictures especially of one-off never to be repeated events

–        Accidental breach of Privacy arising from unwanted media or online publication of pictures

–        Accidental breach of Intellectual Property Rights mainly Copyright


To be honest there is not enough room to illustrate the extent of the problem except to say that every Photographer should have a virtual complaints department. They should know in advance where to go to and get help in managing all complaints.

When you have a policy with us, your very own complaints department is actually Infocus Insurance and ultimately your Professional Indemnity insurer. You have already paid for their help so it is madness to try to handle complaints on your own.

 If you do and you fail to notify and get permission from your insurer you can end up being set adrift by them and your complaints department will not be able to help.

For more guidance speak to one of our trained advisers 0844 811 8056. Treat it like your very own complaints department.