1. New equipment

Received the latest gear for Christmas or treated yourself to a new piece of kit at a trade show or in the January sales?

Whether it’s a new camera or lens, a sturdy tripod or lighting…new equipment can allow you to try out new and creative ideas for the first time and in all the excitement forget to check it is insured.

If you are lucky enough to have acquired more camera equipment remember to insure it. If in doubt call your photography insurance provider straight away.

2. Get shooting

Photographers can become typecast shooting the same category of photography over and over earning an excellent reputation at that particular subject.

It can be beneficial to be well practised in a certain area of Photography; however you may decide to use 2015 to diversify and move into different areas.

Infocus insurance is able to accommodate most categories of Photography however if you intend to branch out into something a little more dangerous it is worth a phone call or message to your insurance adviser.

Examples to be aware of are Aerial, especially use of Drones and Marine (height or depth work) or hazardous locations or territories.

3. Travel

Whether you’re on assignments abroad or just visiting family and friends overseas, travel is a great way to capture something new and original.

Here at Infocus we provide a wide selection of insurance, whether you’re travelling in the UK or elsewhere in the world.

It is however a good idea to speak to us to be clear about what is automatically included and not included, the do’s and don’ts and ‘no go’ areas. Don’t take for granted that everything is covered.

4. Capture the memories

As we look ahead to the start of a brand new year, we know how quickly it can pass and sincerely hope this is a memorable one for you.

Cover from InFocus Photography Insurance gives you the peace of mind needed, whether your equipment is back at home or the Studio or out on a photo shoot, travelling