The escalating economic crisis in Greece and recent terrorist attack in Tunisia has left many travellers unsure about whether or not to travel to certain destinations this summer. 

Whether you’re travelling abroad for business or to take a holiday this year, it’s a good idea to weigh up the best ways to avoid difficulties given the current circumstances. We look at some of the best courses of action:

  • Heed any Government Foreign Office warnings and advice. Visit for more information on a certain country.
  • Travel insurance policies may not cover trips to areas where warnings have been issued. This is likely to affect all sections of cover to include, Baggage, Money, Cancellation & Curtailment, Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Check your travel insurance limits for business and personal property and money, especially if you are carrying extra cash.
  • Take precautions to keep your belongings and money safe. For example don’t flash the cash; secure pockets and handbags as best you can; split and store cash in separate secure places and wherever you can; use hotel safes.

It also makes sense to understand policy limits and exclusions across all sections and get expert advice if you are still unsure. We are always happy to help at Infocus Insurance.

Fundamentally, it’s always wise to plan ahead and keep a weather eye open when travelling to foreign places, but more so when you have been pre-warned about potential problems. That could be anything from weather or travel disruption warnings, to areas where there could be issues with safety and security.

Pre-warned is pre-armed and being informed will always help to ensure you and your property avoid problems, stay safe and you enjoy your business trip or holiday.

At Infocus we believe that it’s always good to be prepared, so make sure you take out adequate insurance before you travel. 

Our leading policies provide comprehensive worldwide cover to professional and amateur photographers and videomakers all over the UK.

If you are planning to travel abroad this summer, our policy automatically provides annual ‘worldwide’ cover for your equipment, subject to normal policy terms and conditions, however you should contact our team in the event that you intend to travel to areas that the foreign office has issued warnings for.