Vint Cerf worries that “Our life, our memories, our most cherished family photographs increasingly exist as bits of information – on our hard drives or in ‘the cloud’. But as technology moves on, they risk being lost in the wake of an accelerating digital revolution”

A quote from a BBC article attributed to Vint Cerf. For those who may not know, he is recognised as one of the fathers of the internet, having been instrumental in its creation along with other colleagues.

A deep concern is that as technology continues to develop, personal memories in the form of digital pictures and documents belonging to 21st Century generations will become inaccessible ‘bits’ of data locked within obsolete or defunct internet platforms &/or equipment.

He has his own opinions about how to avert this problem.

Photographers however can help by promoting the printing of the most cherished pictures to be kept in albums or frames for posterity.

Whilst we have progressed from the need to print whole reels of film containing some good and many poor quality pictures….in this age of mobile phones, Tablets and Digital Cameras we have also regressed to the point of rarely getting any pictures printed.

If you can, do someone a good turn and get a cherished picture printed for them and encourage them to do likewise.

Just as Thunderbirds are making a comeback, could Photographers come to the rescue?