Travel Photographer of the Year is back for its twelfth consecutive year, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to get behind the scenes to understand how it works and what makes it such a huge event for Photographers.

First off, this is a competition for all comers. So whether you are a professional or an amateur, young or old or wherever you are in the world, this competition is for you.

As one of the most prestigious photography awards in the world, with entries from nearly one hundred countries it is fair to expect awe inspiring photography not to mention some very stiff competition.

It is a chance for creativity in Photography to run amok and be examined by the eyes and minds of some of the genuine leading lights in the industry.

The competition is split into several categories and applicants are able to enter any category as often as they would like, with the exception of the ‘New Talent’ category. If you’re not new you can’t enter this one unfortunately.


  • People & Culture (Portfolio) – Show the culture, traditions, quirks and celebrations of a tribe of people
  • Natural World (Portfolio) – Show the natural elements of the earth, air, fire or water
  • Creative Travel (Portfolio) – Capture the experience and the spirit of your journey or adventure
  • Wild & Vibrant (One Shot) – Anything that you believe is wild & vibrant. This could be wildlife itself or an experience
  • Monochromal (One Shot) – You can choose which ever area of travel photography you wish, but create a black and white image
  • One Moment (One Shot) – Capture a special moment in time, again you can use which ever area of travel photography you wish
  • Travelogue (New Talent) – Create a story using only 6 images and no words. Each images must tell a different part of the story
  • Travel Shots (HD Video) –Using stills cameras to create a HD video. Your video must showcase a country or place and last no more than 2 minutes
  • Destinations – Young Travel Photographer of the Year – if you know any young budding photographers, then this category is perfect for them. All they need to do is capture a place or something they’ve seen whilst on their travels.
  • Overall Winner – Automatic entry if you have entered  two or more images in the following categories: People & Cultures, The Natural World and Creative Travel.

As well as the prizes on offer, perhaps more enticing is the prospect of your images being displayed at the Royal Geographical Society in London. The winners will be able to dine out on their success for many years to come and it certainly won’t harm career prospects.

What have you got to lose? To enter the competition or to find out more information visit