Here at InFocus we’re renowned for our leading photography insurance policies but not many people know we are also specialists in insurance policies for video makers.  We can provide comprehensive cover to professional video makers, freelancers and even amateurs who have built up a valuable set of equipment. Our most common policies for videographers are professional indemnity, public liability and photographic and technical equipment cover. However, if you’re a high profile video maker you may also need to consider further extensions to your policy including legal, business interruption and even PR cover. If you employ people in your videography business you should also consider employers liability insurance to ensure you are covered for your staff, as well as your equipment.

Even if the equipment you’re using isn’t yours, you’ll, more often than not, be required to insure it. Many videographers choose to lease equipment in order to gain access to the most up-to-date, advanced technology without having to pay upfront. However, video makers who lease their equipment often forget to consider purchasing insurance for rentals and are often landed with a hefty bill from leasing companies should anything go wrong.  For an informal chat about how we can help you as a video maker, give one of the InFocus team a call on 0844 811 8056.