Summer is a great time to be a photographer. The sun is shining, you’re on holiday and most days are spent exploring the great outdoors. We bring you the top 10 photo opportunities you can’t miss this summer.


You couldn’t get a better opportunity to capture special family memories than during the summer. Remember your camera when you’re out in the garden, going to the beach or playing games in the park.


Silhouette shots can be dramatic and mysterious, and are a great way to get a message across. Choose subjects with a strong distinctive shape for a great silhouette shot.

3- Sunrise

Dawn is a great time for photographers to come out and play, and summer is the perfect time to catch them. As the sun peeks over the horizon, the sky fills with hundred of amazing different colours. A tripod is necessary when shooting at dawn and its best to set up around 20-30 minutes before the sun is due to rise. 


The later sunset in summer allows you plenty of time to set up your camera after work. If you can access the coast then it provides the perfect foreground for your shot.

5-Aerial shots

Summer is a time for a whole host of aerial goings on, from overseas travel to air shows and balloon festivals – and they’re great subjects for photography!


The summer brings amazing opportunities to get close to a whole host of creatures. It’s easy to capture great shots of birds and butterflies in and around your garden and if you’re shooting wild animals then try and capture them around dawn when their bound to be involved in some kind of activity – remember that you’ll need a fast telephoto lens to zoom in close.


Blue skies, green grass and vibrant flowers are all summer icons. A polarising filter is a must for summer photography, as it will help reduce reflections from water and shiny surfaces whilst enhancing the sharp colours in the shot.

8- Outdoors

Summer for photographers is usually spent exploring the great outdoors. Capture the beautiful views and scenery on your adventures and remember your camera when hiking, camping or exploring national parks. Again, you’ll want to use a polarising filter. 


Whether you’re visiting family and friends overseas, exploring to an exotic location, or enjoying a camping trip, travel is an ideal way to capture evocative photos.

Be ready to take advantages of every opportunity – landscapes, architecture, beaches and local culture all make for great memories that you can take home with you from your travels.

10- Flowers and nature

During the summer, gardens are alive in colour and flowers are everywhere you look. Use a tripod to capture pin sharp shots of static subjects.