We love the magazine Professional Photographer, as I’m sure many of you do too.

The January addition featured an article by InFocus director Peter Stevenson entitled School Rules.

The piece is aimed at photographers who take school, prom and sports event photos which of course feature those under the age of 18.

Peter advises photographers of best practice when it comes to photographing children. Nobody wants a broken leg on their shoot or a nasty court case afterwards.

Of course,make sure you have a valid professional photographers insurance package in place.

In Peter’s view, it largely boils down to common sense but here are a few useful points:

  1. If you’re photographing children (by which I mean anyone under the age of 18) ensure at least one responsible adult, preferably someone not connected with you at any familiar, social or business level, is present the entire time.

If the project involves the child changing into costume, undressing or appearing on camera in any way, make absolutely sure that;

  1. the child’s parents or carers are aware of exactly what is planned
  2. consent is obtained, in writing, preferably on a signed consent form
  3. a responsible adult of whom they approve is in attendance
  4. all images produced fall within the limits of what has been agreed
  5. any images that appear on a website or any form of publicly accessible social medium or network are strictly within the bounds of propriety and the agreement

 For the full article see pages 70 and 71 of the magazine and for further advice please give us a call on 0844 811 8056.