Wedding season is fast approaching, and the number one item on your wedding photography checklist should be preparation.

As a wedding photographer, you will need three basic types of insurance:

  • Equipment cover
  • Public liability (PL)
  • Professional indemnity (PI)

Public Liability

Why do I need it?

If you are accepting money for your services at a wedding, public liability cover is a must.

Most venues will ask for proof of public liability cover before you even begin work, so we advise you consider this type of insurance before you step out of your house.

What does it cover?

PL insurance covers any accidental damage you may cause to property or another person as a result of your work.

This could cover simple accidents such as a guest tripping over a tripod to more serious cases that could cause long term injury or disability.

It is important that you are prepared for any eventuality, as unfortunately when these things do happen, you could be liable for substantial legal costs.

Professional Indemnity

As a wedding photographer, PI insurance is essential.

Why do I need it?

This type of insurance will provide you with financial protection should you fail to produce work of a professional standard. Weddings are one off events and if something goes wrong, it’s extremely unlikely you will be able to shoot replacement images, and therefore the blame will lie with you.

What does it cover?

PI insurance will cover you if you make a mistake, lose images from your memory card, or your software fails through no fault of your own.

Professional indemnity ensures you will not have to cover costs if your images are lost or stolen, or even if the couple are simply dissatisfied with your work.

Equipment Cover

Why do I need it?

It goes without saying that your photographic and technical equipment are vital to your line of work.

What does it cover?

Equipment insurance covers cameras, lenses, lighting, filters and all the other bits and pieces found in your typical kit.

Should any of your equipment be subject to theft or accidental damage at a wedding, your equipment cover will give you peace of mind that you are covered.

Other types of photography insurance that you may want to consider before a wedding could include:

  • Personal accident
  • Laptop cover
  • Employers liability
  • Crisis containment