As providers of photographers insurance we encounter a lot of interesting copyright and intellectual property disputes – where photographers wish to make a claim for images used without consent.

The number of claims we receive in this area has shot up in recent years, largely due to the internet and various social networks. People think if a picture is out in cyber space – it’s free for all to use. That is not the case.

We want to point out an interesting article on how the Patents County Court deals with intellectual property rights claims. Of particular interest to photographers is the last but one paragraph which states:

“By the end of 2012 a small claims track will be introduced, which will provide a forum to deal with low value litigation of claims initially under £5,000.”

The piece rightly points out that this should be helpful for businesses since costs will be proportionate to what is at stake. Watch this space.

Photographers can read the full article on the Intellectual Property Office’s website here.