‘www.infocusinsurance.co.uk speak to F2Freelance magazine about an article highlighting the risks to digital images and other data and how best to recover.


Businesses of all types and sizes are fooled into believing their images and information is protected. Not so, it hangs by a digital thread and is vulnerable to all sorts of risks. Over a year ago Manchester City Council suffered an attack from the Confiker virus which had at that time been around for some months. Clean up costs, other additional software and hardware costs and lost income amounted to a reported £1.5m. Approximately a year later Greater Manchester Police suffered an attack from the same old virus. The police network had to be closed down and it is now also counting the cost.



Viruses and other malware are a constant danger and new ones are constantly appearing. If your invisible anti-virus and Firewall defences drop for a moment then you could be in trouble. Businesses are unknowingly exposed to clean up costs, costs of additional hardware and software and may lose business while the clean-up work is carried out. Without proper insurance protection your hard earned profits are at risk. Fires, floods, burglaries are just some of the other ever present dangers.


Photographers be warned, your images and business information is at risk. Consult us and we can help you to take out the right type of insurance improving your chances of recovering lost data and avoiding the worst case scenario. We can also give you access to paid forensic data recovery experts. If your data is important our advice is leave it to the experts and do not take a chance with DIY solutions. They can cause more harm’.

Specialist computer insurance is the ultimate back-up. Ignore it at your peril.