Over the past couple of weeks the word on everyone’s lips has been the Sochi winter Olympics. Two weeks of stunning scenery and live action – a photographer’s dream. Clean air and crystal clear light to die for, plus lots of colour and photogenic, happy people.

It has been announced that photographers working for digital media powerhouse Getty Images have been provided with £300,000 worth of kit to help them capture some of the fortnight’s best moments. Obviously, due to the fast paced nature of the winter Olympics, there’s more risk involved for photographers working this event, so extra precautions must be taken.  

While not all photographers will require insurance for £300,000 of kit, it is still surprising how freelance photographers and videographers accumulate expensive camera equipment over the years, and the risks they take by carting it around the world for shoots. If you are planning on travelling abroad for an assignment over the next few months you should consider whether you are covered:

  • When you’re shooting on location outside the UK
  • When your equipment is in transit to your resort or destination
  • When your equipment is left unattended in your accommodation
  • On the journey home when you are transporting all your priceless images

Many photographers often forget to consider that their existing cover may not be applicable outside the UK and as a result are left frustrated when they unsuccessfully try and claim for an incident abroad. InFocus insurance has a comprehensive selection of market leading policies, providing the widest cover possible and a simple and hassle free claims process. All our policies cover you worldwide as standard. If you are in any doubt about what insurance you may need as a photographer or video maker contact us on 0844 811 8056 for more information.