BRIDEZILLAS are costing photographers thousands of pounds by disputing the quality of photographs and not only refusing to pay but suing for damages.

The average cost of weddings is now reaching £17,000 and wedding photography around £1,000…..there is a lot at stake before you take into account the emotive considerations and solicitors legal bills defending legal actions.

Weddings are very costly and it is understandable couples expect the highest quality in return for paying high bills.

We’ve noticed a growing problem with couples taking action against photographers, saying they are unhappy with the quality of photos. We’ve had cases where the images are actually of a high quality, but the bride doesn’t like how she looks.

In cases where couples question their wedding images, we have appointed independent advisors to scrutinise the photography and pass judgement on whether the photographer has followed the given brief and whether the photographs are of an appropriate standard. In many cases, the photographs are of a high standard.

Professional indemnity cover not only protects photographers from any alleged failures and mishaps but also the real mishaps which could occur – such as not taking all the requested photos or losing the camera film – couples can take action if this is the case.

Insurance protects photographers from having to repay costs personally and also protects claims from brides who simply wanted to look better in their photos.

It’s not unusual for photographers to draw up a contract explaining how he/she will operate and what the couple are paying for. This helps if any future lawsuit should follow but is no guarantee that a legal dispute will not have to be defended. It is essential photographers have adequate insurance cover to overcome such obstacles.

We’ve got more than twenty years experience insuring photographers. Cover under our photographer insurance policies include photographers includes professional negligence, public liability, employer’s liability, website and email liability and equipment ‘All Risks’ insurance.

The standard limits for Professional Negligence are £250,000, public liability £2,000,000 Employers Liability £10,000,000.

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