About Us

Our Approach to professional photography insurance

We love photography. We’re passionate about helping you do your job with the peace of mind that solid dependable insurance advice and protection brings.

All types of photographer can apply, whether you’re a photo-journalist, fashion photographer, wedding photographer or studio photographer, we’ve got some of the best insurance policies on the market.

Whilst we understand budget is important we don’t just focus on the cheapest option. All our insurance products are developed alongside professional photographers . . . so we know what the real risks are and how to protect you.

Our online packages are specially designed for professional photographers but are available to semi professional photographers, video journalists or video makers. If you are an amateur photographer hoping to begin a career in photography we can still cover you, just call us on 0161 925 5051 or get a bespoke quote online today.

We’re also flexible. We’re happy for you to pick and mix the cover you need. Obtain a bespoke quotation online or contact us if you do not feel any of the packages suit your needs or you want professional advice.

Behind the scenes we are real people and you and your business is important to us.

Your calls will be handled personally by our trained advisers and we don’t outsource claims handling either like many other schemes. In our experience this is when you need our help the most and we want to be there for you.

Our insurance product is tailored for UK photographers in association with Hiscox, the award-winning insurer. Our aim is to provide quality of service and breadth of cover to ensure that everything you value is protected

Hiscox UK Returning to work advice

For any Legal Questions please refer to;

  1. DAS Infocus Helpline 0344 893 0859 (quoting Infocus Hiscox policy number)
  2. DAS Business Law web site for commercial legal expenses policyholders www.dasbusinesslaw.co.uk
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