Travel Insurance v Infocus Insurance for Camera Equipment

The baggage cover provided by off-the-shelf travel insurance products should be labelled ‘extremely fragile’ when it comes to the cover provided for ‘valuables’ and ‘fragile items’. This includes camera equipment and other electronic devices.

Anybody relying on travel insurance to protect their valuable camera equipment and other electronic devices should hunt down the parts of their policy which define ‘What is not covered’.

In relation to the baggage and valuables section alone this can reveal alarming deficiencies in the cover travellers might expect to be included. Take this as an example extracted from a travel policy.

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Repair or if unrepairable replacement on a New for Old claims settlement

Unfortunately it gets worse. Baggage and valuables claims under travel policies will not be assessed on a ‘replacement as new’ basis. They will make deductions for the age of an item and how it might have depreciated in value due to wear and tear.

This is not to say that Infocus Insurance do not expect policyholders to take reasonable precautions to keep their equipment safe. Provided you do, you can expect Infocus to be reasonable.

We deal with claims on a repair or replacement as new basis. The sum insured selected must reflect replacement as new values not second hand. Undervaluing equipment will allow insurers to reduce claims in proportion with any careless underinsurance.

No Curfew

We cover reasonably protected unattended equipment although between 9pm and 6am it must be in a locked room or building and while in a locked car at any time of day or night it must be concealed from view. Infocus do not impose a curfew on the cover for Photographer who can be out and about at all times of day and night.

In respect of Theft of equipment from unattended vehicles between the hours of 9pm and 6am the requirements are:
1. Vehicle is alarmed and immobilised
2. Equipment is completely hidden within a locked vehicle, luggage compartment, boot or trailer.

No Inner Limits

Portable Photographic Equipment covered under the Infocus scheme All Risks section is covered wherever it is in the world with no inner limits provided you are not travelling to a region where the Foreign Office advises against all non-essential travel. Check their web site if you are not sure

Top tips:

– Carefully check cover restrictions for equipment taken overseas before leaving

– Equipment that has to be placed in the baggage hold of an aircraft should be labelled as fragile and packed in such a way as to provide reliable protection against mishandling for example a suitably sturdy case with protective separation between items

– Equipment vulnerable to damage and theft should be carried with you if possible and attended by an adult in public places

– Equipment that has to be left unattended should be hidden from sight and locked away if left unattended in locked rooms or buildings or in custody of recognised safe keepers such as hotel receptions or safes especially between the hours of 9pm and 6am

– Equipment that has to be left unattended in vehicles must be secured and hidden from view. Between the hours of 9pm and 6am the requirements are:
Vehicle is alarmed and immobilised

If you want to rely on cheap as chips travel insurance to cover your highly prized camera equipment you might need to watch out for the Seagulls.