Do Photographers need to be careful when publishing pictures of brides in dresses that are subject to Copyright infringement claims?

Possibly the most photographed wedding dress in the world has become the subject of one such claim.

The dress worn by Kate Middleton who married Prince William in 2011 apparently bears striking resemblances to designs created by designer Christine Kendall and submitted to Kensington Palace.

Bottom line here is that the answer is yes if a Photographer knows about a claim and more especially if they have been ordered by a court not to publish without permission.

Problem here is the horse has bolted and it is an impossible task to prevent images being shared online over four years after the event took place.

Whether or not the allegations have any legal merit, there is no doubt there will be legal defence costs to absorb. The defendant’s in this case have the resources to defend the claim…

For the rest of us the best protection is Professional Indemnity insurance and hope there is no proof there was a deliberate theft of Copyright images.

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